For The Home Conference


One of ClearView's Values is "For the Home: Our faith shapes our homes."
We want to equip parents of preschoolers, elementary children, and middle and high school students through a one-day conference held at ClearView.

Saturday, January 20 from 8am-12pm
Cost is $10 per person
Includes full breakfast, and two breakout sessions. Childcare for this event is now closed. 

Breakout Session Options:
1. Laying Foundations for Little Ones - Led by Jeralyn Collins - As preschoolers are developing a sense of trust, it's our job to help them understand that God, Jesus and the church are special. We want to help them see Jesus as their friend and helper, and recognized they are loved. This breakout is for preschool parents that want a better understanding of how God designed their little ones to learn and grow.
2. Raising Sons - Led by Tommy and Melinda Yessick - Boys are made in the image of our adventurous God and they need instruction that builds them up according to their needs. Our goal as a parent is to give our sons a lifelong passion for Christ, not simply high marks for good behavior. This breakout is for parents who want to shape and mold their boys' nature and be present for their son.
3. Raising Daughters - Led by Steve and Janice Minucci - There is a war going on for the rights of our daughters' hearts. Culture is bent on scripting what is important and what is beautiful for our girls. God wants to restore His image in her life through the life and likeness of His Son. This breakout is for parents who want to foster a special relationship with their daughter that encourages her to seek God for her worth.
4. Understanding Where They Are - Led by Shannon Robertson - As kids grow, their understanding of foundational truths about God and the Bible grow with them. God chooses parents and teachers to lay foundations for salvation and spiritual transformation. This breakout is for parents that want a better understanding of the biblical concepts their children need to hear, understand and apply at the different stages of their growth.

1. Raising Young Men - Led by David and Judy Winton - Raising boys to be men of God can be difficult in today's world. Your son will be bombarded by our culture that promotes the world's agenda, enticing him with values that are not God honoring. You must intentionally teach him from God's Word, cultivating an enviornment in your home that encourages him to grow in godly character. This breakout is tailored for parents who desire to bring up sons to be men of God who are grounded in the Word.
2. Raising Young Ladies -  Led by Joe and Michelle Hicks - If only she were as simple as sugar and spice. Simply protecting your daughter from falling into serious trouble isn't the primary goal. Instead of focusing on what you don't want, focus on what you do want. Your ultimate goal as her parent invovled intentional participation as she builds godly character. This breakout is designed to help you succeed in that.
3. Connecting With Your Students (It's Not Too Late) - Led by Matt and Amy Fruetel - Life moves fast - the days are long by the years are short. We blink and our student goes from performing in their preschool program to walking across the stage to receive their diploma. That's why it's important for us to be intentional in connecting with our students. Deut 6 teaches parents to talk about Jesus when you sit at home, when you're taking them to and from school, when they get up in the morning and when they go to bed at night. This breakout is for those who want to connect better with their students. It's never TOO LATE to start connecting with your students on a spiritual level.

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