Soul-Care Parent Training Seminar


Soul-Care Therapeutic Curriculum and Seminars train parents to use tangible, concrete methods that will equip children/teens/young adults to create healthy, emotional attachments leading families from brokenness to wholeness.

What Soul-Care IS

  • IS training on comprehensive approaches for ongoing home-based therapeutic interventions
  • IS training on concrete methods that counselors use in therapy
  • IS training on a personalized approach to results-oriented solutions
  • IS training on use of mobile, therapeutic tools that can be used at a moment’s notice.

What Soul-Care is NOT 

  • NOT a lecture 
  • NOT abstract ideas and concepts 
  • NOT a one-size-fits all approach 
  • NOT a book or workbook


• Manifestations of Trauma
• Detachment and Attachment
• Restoring Broken Trust
• Roots of Behaviors and Suggested Responses • Shame and Esteem Cycles
• Learning Differences & ADHD
• Marriages

Soul-Care is a parent-led therapeutic curriculum and is most effective when both spouses attend.

What Others Are Saying...

“Soul-CareTM has been the most informative & enlightening curriculum I have ever experienced in my years of parenting and ministry.” ~ CC - Attendee, Franklin Seminar

“I have been to many conferences and Soul-CareTM far exceeds them all in practicality. Most speak to the subject matter but Soul-CareTM gives practical tools that can be implemented immediately.”” ~ RP - Attendee, Franklin Seminar

“This is the first seminar that gave us tangible, day-to-day methods.” ~ TF - Attendee, Nashville Seminar “Using Soul-CareTM methods, my 20 year old is now attaching to us.” ~DA - Attendee, Nashville Seminar

“Soul-CareTM is the natural progression from Dr. Karyn Purvis’ studies.” ~ LB - Attendee, Nashville Seminar


The cost of this seminar is typically $89.99 per person plus food and other costs involved in hosting at other locations.  However, for ClearView members/attendees we will be charging you $45 for an individual or $75 for a couple.  We do not want money to keep you from attending this event as we believe it will be one that you will come out of with so many new resources and practical tools to use in your everyday life.  

If you do not attend ClearView regularly, please click here to register for this event and we look forward to having you!

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