World Changers


What Is World Changers?

The Mission of World Changers

Equipping students to confidently share the gospel is our primary goal. It’s imperative that students leave your ministry as lifelong gospel sharers, and we want to do everything we can to help you provide them with the training and experience needed. 

This is accomplished through providing focused, meaningful missions experiences in strategic cities of all sizes.

About the Projects

Groups are typically housed in local schools, churches, or college facilities. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided. In preparation for the week, youth are required to complete a pre-project study based on the theme for the year.


Our approach involves helping participants grow in the gospel and develop mission-minded lifestyles. Most projects not only require participants to come ready to work hard and sleep on the floor, but also to share the gospel authentically.

Dates: June 10 - 15, 2019

Cost: $200

Limited Spots Available. For Students who have completed 9th and 10th grade. 

Parent FAQ